Mar 122016

We talked about the importance of parent involvement and school fundraisers in our “Importance of Parent Involvement” article.

MIAWe had a school from Miami Beach sent us an email with their success.  I called them up and wanted to write a post about it.

The decided to plan a Vintage Prom.  Wear a dress from any era – but encouraged dragging out a prom dress from your past if you could still fit into it. During the dance they had an auction.  The auction consisted of items that were donated to the school from local companies and amusement parks as well as from the parents who attend the school.

They asked all of the grades to come up with class baskets to be auctioned off.  For example, one class selected Disneyworld as their theme.  In the basket were 4 – two day passes to Disneyworld, a hotel stay and a ride to and from Disneyworld from a local Miami Beach Limo Rental company. They explained that this basket and ones similar to it created bidding wars and went for well over the true value of the basket.  Since all of the items were donated, all profits went to the school.

They also created a jog-a-thon to raise money.  It was Star Wars theme complete with all of the Star Wars characters jogging along with the kids and encouraging them to run as many laps as possible in 30 mins. They created an online fundraising page that allowed friends and family to sign up to pledge a fixed amount or per lap.

Parents used the power of social media to post the pledge pages on Facebook.  They reported that by using that the power of social media the pledges increased dramatically from the previous year.  Old school mates and family that wasn’t immediate contributed and probably wouldn’t even have known about the fundraiser.  I mean how comfortable would you be asking an old college roommate or family you see once every several years? They let social media ask for them. Great idea!

They also asked for old gift cards to be donated.  I really liked this idea. I mean how many of us have gift cards hanging around to places we never go to or never would buy anything from.

Another creative idea they had was giving kids bracelets once they had brought in $200. Children with bracelets received treats during lunch hour and recess throughout the fundraising events.

So as you can see, it involved both the children and the parents.  It rallied school spirit, raised money for the school, raised awareness to attract new families, and created a sense that everyone was working together for one common goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog Miami and for sending us information about your fundraiser. We really enjoy hearing from everyone.

If you would like to see a particular topic covered on our blog, please feel free to contact us. We will contact you and allow you to approve our article featuring you before we publish it.


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